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What is powerful about the law of attraction?

It's a shame that the subject you're about to read is not taught in school because it might be very useful to every student because it is a concept that is very unique and very powerful. The principle is called the Law Of Attraction. The theory behind it says that basically, anyone with a brain can have whatever they want in life just by thinking about it. It might seem like a joke but it isn't. The concept is that where there is a will, there is a way. When you desire something really, really badly and if you live it then it will happen no matter what. If you say you want something but still don't have it, there might be a couple of reason why.

1. If you don't ask for it the right way, you won't get what you want.
2. If you wish for something but don't believe it, it won't happen either.

What most people don’t know is that the universe will help us if we ask for it. The catch is the following: you will get exactly what you wish for. For example, if you wish for something good to change in your life and feel it for 15 minutes, then the rest of the time you will hope to change but won't do anything about it. You 'gotta' live your wish fully.

As you know, there are times when we feel our feelings a little more than others. For example, you're ticked off or someone scared the crap out of you etc. These feelings usually scare us.

Now you probably noticed that if you think something bad is going to happen, it will happen. That's because deep down we think it will. Let's take money as an example. We all would like more money to be more comfortable. But then we always say, there is no way I can ever save that much (for example 3 months salary in case you lose your job). That's negative thinking that will prevent it from coming true.

You have to feel like you already have what you want. Also be thankful even if you don't have what you want yet. You want a nice car, then you are driving it (smell the leather), you want that gorgeous woman, then she's walking beside you everyday…

Just take it day by day. It will happen. Let the Universe take care of it. Someone used the following metaphor to make us understand the Law Of Attraction: Lets say that your driving from one city to the other and that the night is so dark that you can barely see what's coming ahead. Eventually, you will see it, but you have faith it will. It should be the same with you trusting that your life will change the way you want it.

Ironic too how people do not apply or turn down a job offer because they wished for a job in particular with more money or simply are scared of leaving because they did it so long and even though they don't like their job, they still hesitate. Chances are, good opportunities won't knock twice soon in between. If you feel it is right, take it. It might be just what you wished for.


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